Using and getting the best out of your reed diffuser

To fragrance a room, remove stopper from the bottle on a smooth flat surface. Insert and arrange up to 8 diffuser reeds into the bottle opening so they are immersed in the blend. The reeds will draw up the fragrance fairly quickly but it can take about 24 hours for the scent to fully fragrance the room. Warmer rooms and draughts can affect the absorption rate and scent intensity.

You can control the intensity of the fragrance by using fewer reeds to start with, we would suggest 5 to 6 reeds, and adding more as needed.

As a rule the smaller the room the stronger the fragrance will appear but this can vary depending on room temperature, airflow and the number of reeds used.

You can revitalise the fragrance by inverting the reed sticks every few weeks.

Under normal conditions 100ml of fragrance will last up to 12 weeks but this can vary depending on number of reeds used, roomsize, temperature and airflow.

Remember: Always place the diffuser on a protected,
 stable, level surface out of direct sunlight. Ensure reeds cannot touch soft furnishings, such as wallpaper and curtains.