NS Product Description

Our luxurious handmade soap bars are prepared with hydrating glycerin and blended with pure, fragrant essential oils. Each bar will gently and effectively remove dirt and bacteria whilst smoothing, softening and lightly scenting the skin. They are suitable for all-over use. 

You won’t find one drop of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens, artificial colourings or plastics in our soap. What’s more we wrap each bar in Natureflex, an earth-friendly compostable packaging film made of cellulose. The wrapped soap is then popped into an eco-friendly recycled cardboard box. This keeps the soap as fresh and aromatic as the day it was packed and it’s super kind to the environment too. 

Our ingredients and soaps have not been tested on animals and do not use any animal products. Suitable for vegans. 

Directions: Use with warm water to create a luxurious, silky lather • If soap gets in eyes rinse immediately • For external use only • If irritation occurs discontinue use • Enjoy!

Soap care:  To keep your soap in tip top condition and to extend use, it’s best to allow your soap to dry between uses. We recommend a soap dish with draining holes.


Are your soaps Vegan?

Yes. None of our soaps contain any animal products and we would never test on animals.

Do your soaps contain Parabens or SLS/SLES?

No. Our soaps are free from artificial synthetic surfactants (foaming ingredients), such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or SLES, and contain no paraben preservatives. They are bad for your skin and dry it out. We prefer to use natural ingredients instead.

Do your soaps comply with the cosmetics regulations?

Yes, all our handmade natural soaps are independently lab tested and certified as safe to use and fully comply with all legislation governing the manufacture of cosmetics in the UK and Europe.